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Paying for School Q&A

Scholarships… who gets them?

A.Students from low-income families
B.Students who score high on the ACT1 or SAT2 test
C.Good athletes
D.Tall students

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How many of the following are types of student aid?


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When is the best time to apply for student aid?

A.At the same time you apply to school
B.As soon as you have been accepted for admission
C.As soon as possible after January 1 of the year you plan on attending
D.When you have decided which school you will be attending

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How often do you have to apply for student aid?

A.Just once, before the beginning of your freshman year
B.Every semester that you want to receive student aid
C.Every year that you want to receive student aid
D.Only when your financial circumstances change

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How many students receive student aid to pay for college?

A.Less than one-third
D.More than two-thirds

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How long do you usually have to pay back a student loan?

A.5 Years
B.10 Years
C.15 Years
D.More than 15 years

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