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Compare types of loans.

Be familiar with the several types of loans available to pay for your educational costs. You have to pay loans back (with interest), so it's important that you select the best one for your situation.

   •Direct Stafford Loans
    Look into these low-interest federal loans for undergraduate and graduate students.

   •Direct PLUS Loans for Parents
    If your parent plans to help pay for school, check out these low-interest federal loans for parents of undergraduate students.

   •Direct PLUS Loans for Graduate and Professional Degree Students
    Borrow these low-interest federal loans for your graduate or professional degree.

   •Perkins Loans
    Investigate Perkins loans if you have extreme financial need.

   •Private Education Loans
    Consider private education loans only if grants, scholarships, and federal loans do not meet your college costs.

Speak With an Academic Counselor

Speak with one of our knowledgeable academic counselors who can help you decide what best fits your needs