Find your college in 5 easy steps

Campus Life

If you're going away to school, you will be living in new surroundings. You may be filled with both excitement and fear, and you probably have a lot of questions. Use this time to be proactive and prepare for campus life.

Here are a few things to think about before you even know for sure where you're going…

Living and Dining

   •Do I plan to live on or off campus?

   •Is there anything I need to buy for an apartment or dorm?

   •What kind of budget do I have for living expenses?
   •Is it likely that I will have a roommate?

   •Will the school let me know who my roommate is in advance?

   •Do I want to contact my roommate and make arrangements for arrival day?

   •Will I buy a meal plan or cook for myself?

   •What kind of cooking facilities are available?

   •Will I have access to laundry facilities?

   •Do I even know how to do laundry?

   •What type of internet access is available?

Money Management

   •How will I access my money?

   •Will I incur fees if I use the ATMs on campus?

   •Should I open a separate bank account on campus?

   •Have I worked out a school-specific budget?

   •Do I plan to work while I'm in school?

   •Where can I find a job?

Getting Around

   •What kind of transportation is available on campus?

   •Will I need a car?

   •Where can I park my car?

   •How will I get back and forth to my hometown?

   •How much should I set aside for transportation expenses?

Health and Safety

   •Are there any free or low-cost health facilities on campus?

   •Do I have health concerns the school should know about?

   •Will my prescriptions run out while I'm at school?

   •Will I feel safe on campus?

   •Do I need to take any safety precautions?

   •Will campus life impact my sleep?

   •How will I cope with lack of sleep?

Being Busy

   •How long will it take me to earn my degree?

   •Do I plan to participate in any clubs or organizations?

   •Will I join an intramural sports team?

   •Are there places to exercise on campus?

   •Where is the nearest fitness center?

   •Will I be able to practice my religion at school?

   •Are there places of worship nearby?

   •How many activities can I reasonably juggle?

Coping With Stress

   •Do I think I'll get homesick?

   •What will I do if I get homesick?

   •Whom will I call when I get stressed?

   •How do I commonly deal with stress?

   •How can I prepare for the stress I may face?

Speak With an Academic Counselor

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