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Altierus Career College is a non-profit, higher education school system with campuses in Atlanta, Houston and Tampa. We don’t just see you as a student. We see you as an individual with your own reasons for being here. Our mission is to help you find a career path that’s right for you and become a professional in as little at 10 months.


Career path discovery

It starts with helping you find a career path that matches your interests and goals, and is in a field needed in your community. Then it continues with a month-by-month professional development plan once you’ve enrolled.

Small class sizes for personal attention

While some schools go for quantity, we're all about quality. Our personal approach enables your instructors to spend one-on-one time with you so you feel confident that you are getting the career training you need.

One-on-one guidance, in and out of the classroom

We know getting ready for a new career is a lot to take on. And real life won't stop while you're doing it. So, our campus teams work with you to ensure you get the support and assistance you need to keep going, whether it's extra tutoring or help finding child care.

Professional skills development beyond books

From monthly mock interview practice to externships and resume development, when you leave Altierus, you leave with the confidence and experience to be a true professional.

Beginning-to-end personal support

From the moment you come to Altierus to the day you're ready to begin your new career, an integrated team of admissions, instructors, and career service advisors get to know you, and keep you on track.

Special events and traditions

It's not all coursework all the time. We know it's important to enjoy the journey together. That's why we have special events and traditions that celebrate your success as part of our family.

Emergency financial assistance

In the event that student have unexpected financial difficulties, Altierus has established an emergency fund to support their needs. Qualifying expenses include utilities, medical bills, child care, transportation, and course materials. We’re here to help our students overcome any obstacle that might get in the way of completing their studies.



Altierus Career College is accredited on a national level by the ACCSC.